Friday, December 7, 2012

Paddy :)

累了,告诉自己 休息一下~



Saturday, December 1, 2012

seriously, l like Malacca so much...even just a small town..but i love their food very much!! esp Baba Cendol and their Baba Nyonya's food..unlike other..their food really nice!! noway...I'm got addicted on their food :p

Zhong Hua Restaurant's chicken rice..although need to wait long long queue..but I still willing to wait it..why? because of their Hainanese Chicken and Rice Balls. Don't tell me you went to Malacca but never try this..this is unforgivable 

a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy's Hainanese chicken rice sauce 

Hainanese Chicken rice doesn't fulfill our big big station..Baba Nyonya curry and asam laksa!!

ignore my messy hair..i just too craving for baba cendol..hehe

he is driving back hometown while drinking famous milk shake~
Bye Bya Malacca..I will come here again^^

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tao Japanese Buffet

Vincent's sis 21st birthday is around the his family planed to celebrate with her at Tao Japanese Buffet, Sunway Giza Mall today. Actually their 1st plan is planning to Skybar..but due to aunties dont prefer to drink we changed to have japan buffet style as your dinner. Tao...a nice place ever! and nice food too!! seriously, Im felt that Tao is 100% better than Jogoya..I love their food very much!!! 

Scallop with cheese


Oysters with Cheese...thumbs up this food!

Japanese Cheong Fun  

Abalone Slides 

Chawan Mushi 

Steamed Salmons

Mochi Sweet


Small Cakes Slide


The Oysters!!

The place 

Steamed Cod Fish

Beef Beacon Skewer...damn nice!! for me..I dont like beef and lamb..but extremely like tao's beef and lamp!! Super duper nice~

Show face!! being forced haha

Let's go~!

We are playing this..

Beef Becon Skewer again..I miss this~ :( 

And lastly..

The Menu~